The Beaufort Team

Legendary gangster Al Capone is thought to have created the concept of money laundering during the prohibition in 1930s America. We use our skills to fight gangsters like Capone, but
with slightly different tools than Eliot Ness did.
Henning Gravklev

Henning has more than 20 years experience managing complex compliance and fraud issues in the banking industry. Most recently he was head of AML Services in PwC Consulting Norway. Henning holds a MsC in Economics from University of Oslo and LSE. 
Christian Skipperud

With more than 20 years of design experience Christian is one of the most experienced profiles in the industry. His background rooster include Bekk Consulting, Finn, Schibsted and BGC Partners. 
Lars Oskarsen

Lars is an experienced developer with a broad background from consulting houses and businesses. Most recently he was Senior Backend Developer with Auka. Lars´ educational background is from informatics at the University of Oslo. 
Øystein Wethe Hanssen
Lead Developer

An experienced developer Øystein has a consulting background from Visma and Genus Professional Services. Øystein has an education background from NTNU. 
Phuong Nguyen
Lead Product Designer

Phuong is an experienced product designer with a background from EGGS Design, Bouvet and Dagbladet. He holds an MsC in Interaction Design from NTNU Gjøvik.
Open Positions
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