About Beaufort

The world needs more financial transparency. Our user-friendly software makes life a bit easier for all the financial crimefighters out there.

Each year more than 1500 billion USD is laundered through financial institutions and used to fund terrorist activities, trafficking and organized crime. Up until recently, the only solutions available have either been too intricate or expensive to meet the needs of financial institutions. The industry was crying out for a more affordable, straightforward package that demystifies AML while supplying a hub for it. Hence, Beaufort Solutions was born.

Our solution provides AML executives complete peace of mind by empowering them to identify risks and better understand, comply and keep up with AML and KYC rules and regulations, including counter-terrorism (CTF) and sanctions lists.

Beaufort Solutions was founded in 2018 by Finstart Nordic - the innovation and investment arm of Norway’s second-largest bank, Sparebank 1 SR-Bank. In 2019, Beaufort Solutions exited the Finstart Nordic lab and was organised as its own company with its own team.

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